You are being so lovable

diu 1

Pani Kotha Fort, Diu

Monday evening in Diu was peaceful and sleepy, the weekend having ended. As we ate dinner at a table on Apana’s terrace overlooking Fort Road, we remembered that at least three times that day, Indian tourists had asked to take photographs of Lopa with me. We agreed to this. The photographers must have considered us, an Indian with a European companion, an unusual couple. I recalled a situation some years earlier when I was taking a boat trip along the River Mandovi in Goa. I was the only man with a pale complexion on the crowded vessel. Some young men approached me, asking if they could take a photograph of me. I agreed. They said they wanted my picture: “Because you are being so lovable.”

diu 2

O Cocqueiro restaurant, Diu

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